Spring 2021
It's hard to believe that 2021 is well under way and that Spring is already here.  Along with a new year comes renewed optimism and hope.  Sleeves are being rolled up at sites across the country as we celebrate the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines.  After a very difficult year for many people, there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Last year, our "normalcy" was shaken like a snow globe in a child's hand.  And when the snow all settled...nothing looked the same. Working remotely became our new norm as we set up home offices and quickly adapted to Zoom meetings.   They say that "necessity is the mother of invention" so, we invented!   Our style of interaction with our clients changed but our dedication never wavered.

We at Tunnell hope that you are all safe and well as we progress through this new year of 2021!

Maryann Gallivan
President and CEO
What We're Saying...

Crisis Management:
COVID-19 exposes supply risks for emerging Life Sciences companies
Many emerging life sciences companies are ill-equipped--compared with larger companies--to deal with major disruptions like the COVID19 pandemic. They often have limited budgets, capabilities, staff and systems, so depend more on suppliers to quickly scale up and meet business objectives. For some of these companies, the COVID-19 crisis exposed their inability to manage procurement and supply chain operations, adversely impacting business performance.
Working With Clients in a Virtual World:
An i
nterview with Tunnell's Cliff Sachs and Charlotte Eberle
Working remotely since mid-March of 2020, Tunnell's consultants have adapted to their new circumstances, learning as they go how to adjust the consulting model to a predominantly virtual work mode. Consultants Charlotte Eberle and Cliff Sachs recently took some time with the Newsletter to discuss their experiences with two different client engagements.
Who We Are...

Scott Myers
Principal Consultant

With his fingers firmly on the pulse of the Life Sciences industry Scott brings a wealth of experience to Tunnell with over 30 years spent in Quality, Operations, functional managerial and wide business leadership in the emerging pharmaceutical, biotech and cell and gene therapy sectors. He is adept at identifying and controlling risks associated with the development and commercialization of new products and is known for his expertise in the interpretation and execution of domestic and international cGMP requirements.  Focused on making his clients successful, he has mastered the art of relationship building and ensuring high quality results from both himself and the teams he onboards and the indirect teams he mentors and coaches.

In his past life, Scott held roles of increasing levels of responsibility with Boehringer Ingelheim, most recently as Executive Director, Compliance and Quality Oversight where he was the lead for Compliance and Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) teams and was the program leader for the consent decree program.  Previously, he was Executive Director, Launch where his team ensured high quality as well as timely and cost effective product launches for the US and global markets.  His experiences in Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Manufacturing and his wide industry network benefits his clients with a positive impact on their culture, leadership development and standardization of processes.

In his free time, Scott is busy with his family and friends and holds court over his backyard grills and smokers!  

Where We've Been, Where We're Going...

Life Sciences PA - 12/17/20 Holiday Lunch Panel
Tunnell Consulting was a proud supporter of this event.

Life Sciences PA - 12/20/20  "Scrub Your Deck"
Tunnell Consulting was a proud supporter of this event and provided insight to invited presenters

Life Sciences PA - 3/5/21 All C-Suite Event - A conversation with Dr. Luis Jodar
Tunnell Consulting was a proud sponsor of this event.

Life Sciences PA - 5/26/21 Annual Award Event

Tunnell Consulting will be a proud sponsor of this event.
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Hanson Wade - 2/23-24/21 Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders
Tunnell Consulting attended this event.

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