Summer 2021
After so many months of zoom meetings, face masks and hand finally happened. We finally got to meet with some of our fellow colleagues at the Life Sciences PA Annual Awards Event.  And meet them face to face!  It may have been outdoors in the very hot and very humid weather but it seemed to signal that we may have finally, hopefully turned that symbolic corner that loomed so very far in the distance for so very long.  And that felt like a breath of fresh air. 

We may be stepping cautiously into the future but Tunnell has continued to be planted firmly in the continuing needs of our clients. We may have switched our operating MO but we haven't missed a beat when it comes to providing our clients with the support they need.

We hope that you are enjoying the summer and finding time to relax, renew and unwind.            
Maryann Gallivan
President and CEO
What We're Saying...

The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Emerging Life Sciences Supply Chain
The COVID pandemic brought disruption to pharmaceutical and life sciences supply
chains, and despite the best efforts and preparation the industry is known for, the fallout continues to reverberate.

Although the COVID pandemic was unprecedented, the disruptions it caused are not, as this pandemic merely exposed supply chain weaknesses already there. For example, something as simple as glass vials and packaging materials saw a big spike in global demand as the COVID-19 vaccine impacted downstream supply markets. In the wake of the pandemic, life sciences companies are just now beginning to understand that they were not as prepared for major disruptions as they thought, and that this lack of preparation can adversely impact business performance.
The Benefits of Pharma 4.0 and Validation 4.0
The emergence of Pharma 4.0 is bringing dramatic and positive changes to the
life sciences. The advent of new and highly complex therapies presents new challenges to
emerging companies, which are challenged with limited staff, a need for speed to market, and limited funding.

To manage and survive these challenges, companies need to be part of a "cyber-physical" system or ecosystem that includes partnering with service providers as part of the overall supply chain. Building on the growing need for real-time high transparency and real-time data access, with a high level of data integrity, Pharma 4.0 brings a significant move to the digitization of all components related to performing real-time business and process improvement.
Who We Are...

Charlotte Eberle
Senior Consultant

Charlotte is rising star at Tunnell.  With a well ingrained work ethic, she has a clear and strong focus on the needs of our diverse clients and their diverse needs.  She is flexible, innovative and can adapt her strategic thinking with each new challenge. Trained as a chemical engineer, she is an accomplished problem solver who juggles multiple roles and responsibilities to solve her clients’ most difficult challenges, particularly in the areas of quality and manufacturing processes, thus leading to improved compliance and decreased risk. 

Before joining Tunnell, Charlotte was a consultant in the Disputes, Forensics and Legal Technology – Global Construction Practice at Navigant Consulting. She conducted large data asset analyses including damage quantifications, schedule delay/acceleration analyses and accounting records audits and risk and compliance assessments.

When not working as a sought after consultant Charlotte has been busy planning her summer wedding.

Where We've Been, Where We're Going...
Life Sciences PA - 5/26/21 Annual Awards Tail Gate Event
Tunnell Consulting was a proud sponsor, and we would like to thank LSPA for the phenomenal job they did in organizing this event.  
Life Sciences PA - 7/20-22/21 Life Sciences Future - MedTech
Tunnell Consulting will be a sponsor of this virtual event.

BioME (Bioscience Association of Maine) - 8/10/21 Summer Networking Event
Tunnell is a supporting sponsor of BioME and looking forward to this event.

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